Our practice

You can contact us for most aspects of oral care. Both for your annual checks and for more specific treatments. After an extensive examination and consultation with you, a treatment plan is drawn up.

Our practice consists of two parts:

Dental Clinic Westerpark
For all care and maintenance of your teeth by our dentists and dental hygienists.
You can register with us via the online registration form.

Referring Dental Clinic Westerpark - www.tkwp.nl
By fellow dentists, patients can be referred for treatment with our team of specialists. These are specialized in endodontology, gnathology, implantology and paradontology.
Referral can be done through the online referral form.


In case of emergency during the evening hours, public holidays and in the weekend, please contact: Evening and weekend duty The Hague

Phone number:  070 - 311 03 05